May 2013 Holden Beach Fishing Report

5-30-13 Half Day Nearshore Trolling For Spanish Mackerel

Well I can tell you that the Spanish Mackerel are here and they are thick!!!! Today was perfect, weather was beautiful and the BIG SPANISH were biting. Check out Randy Sizemore from the Elkin, NC area with his first Spanish Mackerel this morning. We also spent the last hour and a half shark fishing and were able to land six or seven decent sharks. The fish are definitly biting, everything from backwater to blue water!!!!! 5-30-13

5-29-13 Gulf Stream Mahi Fishing Is On Fire

Today I had one of my best repeats book a Gulf Stream trip for just him and only him. We left the dock 5am sharp and pointed the bow offshore. After a 50 mile run we were both ready to put the baits out and start fishing, the anticipation was killing us. To my surprise I actually was able to put a whole spread out but it wasn't long and we were doubled up with a pair of decent fish. We ended the trip with several Mahi and caught a few Amber Jacks while jigging around a wreck. 5-29-13

5-27-13 Big Cobia Roaming The Beaches

Wow is all I can say about the last four days. We have been specifically targeting Cobia and what ever else might decide to eat a live bait on our 1/2 day near-shore fishing charters. Over the past 4 days I bet we have caught at least 120 sharks including 1 Tiger Shark over 10 ft long.  Tons and Tons of bottom fish as well. If your getting ready to head to the coast and want to have some fun just give me call and I will make sure you catch fish and have a good time.  Check out the pictures below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5-25-13 5-26-13 5-27-13 5-27-13a 5-27-13b

5-20-13 Half Day Nearshore Trolling

The fish are defiantly biting. Today we went out and smashed the fish. We started at 12pm and had a slow start but finished strong catching fish 2 and 3 at a time trolling. We had a mixed bag of fish today. Blue Fish, Spanish Mackerel, False Albacore, and Sharks. This crew today had an absolute blast and are already wanting to book another trip this week on Thursday. 5-20-13

5-18-13 Gulf Stream Fishing with Rigged and Ready Charters

Today was the most interesting day I've  had in a long time. joining me was a crew from Greensboro, NC. and they had me laughing all day with stories from there past. Singing songs, dancing and just having an absolute good time. The fishing started out great with a few Mahi and a Black Fin Tuna and slowly died off as the day went on. All in all it was a perfect day for fishing with winds were light and slight out of the South. This up coming week I will be running a few trips on the beach fishing for spanish Mackerel and Sharks.5-18-13

5-17-13 Gulf Stream With Rigged and Ready Charters

Joining me today was a great crew from Summerfield, NC and we had non stop action all day. The Mahi are thick and the Wahoo are still chewing. We boated 7 Mahi and 2 Wahoo. We had several short strikes and lost a big wahoo after he dumped over 400yrds of line on the first run.  The season is in full swing now so if you get time come on down and join us for a fun-filled day on the water. If its fishing in the backwater or fishing all way in the gulf stream I WILL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME AND CATCH SOME FISH!!!! 5-17-13

5-16-13 Half Day Backwater Fishing

Today went perfect. Had a couple from Mcleansville, NC. and they absolutely had a ball. The Redfish bit good for us along with several other fish. I will be running Gulf Stream trips for the next few days and will try to post a report by next Monday. Here are a few pics from today's trip. 5-16-13 5-16-13a

5-10-13 Full Day Offshore Fishing

Today I had some really good repeats join me for a Full Day Fishing Charter.  We left out at 5am and headed offshore to target Grouper and what ever else might decide to bite. We caught plenty of fish, Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel, Amberjacks, Black Seabass, BIG SHARKS, Pink Snapper,  and had a great day on the water with good friends and beautiful weather. 5-10-13

5-8-13 Holden Beach Shark Fishing with Captain Kevin Sneed

Today was a special day for a young man named Luke who is 10 years old and his mother Lynda. Before we started the day Luke said he really wanted to catch a Shark. So that's what we went fishing for. Took a little while to find some decent bait but over the years  I've learned if you're not confident in your bait, find some fresh if you can. It wasn't 15 minutes before we were hooked up with our first Shark and he was a stud. Estimated weight around  125 lbs. Not to bad to be fishing on the beach in  20 ft. of water. After bringing the Shark aboard to take pics. we sucessfully released her to swim off and to fight again another day.  Luke told me after the end of the trip this was the best day of his entire life. 5-8-13 5-8-13a

5-7-13 Backwater Fishing For Redfish

I must say with all the different weather patterns we've had over the past week I'm surprised the fish are even biting. I took a couple out today from the Greensboro, NC area and we caught a few redfish but we had to work hard for it.  Pictured below is Brooke Townsend with her first red fish. Oh yeh I almost forgot, she out fished her husband Tyler.. LOL 5-7-13

5-3-13 Holden Beach Backwater Fishing With Capt. Kevin Sneed

Great charter this morning. I think the harder the wind blew the better the fish bit. We ended the trip with 9 redfish, 2 sheepshead, and 1 black drum. Would have fished longer but the rain hit us hard towards the end of the trip. 5-3-13 5-3-13a 5-3-13b

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