Reservations & Policies



Give Captain Kevin a Call: 910-448-FISH (3474) or Kimber 910-448-0210 or call Rigged and Ready Fishing Center @ 910-842-3474 

Or Email Him: or 

Communication is an important part of each charter that ensures Capt. Kevin provides you with a courteous, professional, enjoyable and memorable fishing experience. As a result if you require access to facilities, have special needs or want to target a specific fish please let him know. Remember, you normally catch more fish if you go after what is biting. So, to help make your trip a success, please communicate your wishes and needs to the Captain prior to the trip. 

Additionally, please be sure to read over all of the policies below prior to booking your charter. 

Booking your charter with Rigged and Ready Charters means you accept the terms and conditions outlined on this page. 


Deposit Information 

A CREDIT CARD  NUMBER or small deposit is required at the time of booking.

Once your CREDIT CARD NUMBER or deposit is received that date is held for your private charter and any other inquiries for that date or time are denied. 

We are unable to hold days unless a CREDIT CARD NUMBER or deposit has been received.

If booking a multiple boat charter a $200 deposit per boat, per day is required

Your credit card will be billed for this amount and the remaining balance will be paid on the day of your charter. 

Remaining Balance 

The remaining balance must be paid in cash on the day of the charter.

We can run/ bill your card for the remaining balance but you will be subject to a transaction fee.

Gratuities are never expected but greatly appreciated. If the captain did a good job, made the trip enjoyable and you had a good time you might consider rewarding those efforts. 15%-20% is standard. 


Because that date is held for you and other possible trips for that date are turned away a 30 day notice of cancellation prior to your schedule date is required for all charters.

Cancellations of less than 7 days and no-shows will be charged for the full price of their scheduled trip to the credit card used for deposit. 

If you cancel before the above deadlines your deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days.

If your scheduled date is able to be rebooked, we will refund the entire amount paid.Every effort will be made to rebook any cancelled days. We are not looking to make money on cancellations. 



Respect your Captain and the boat. If, at any time, a customer’s behavior is disrespectful, inappropriate, or dangerous to themselves or others, your Captain has the right to immediately terminate the charter and return to the closest commercial dock. No discounts will be given and full payment for the charter will be due immediately.

Be on time for pickup.

You should bring the following:

Hat Sunglasses
Sun Protective Clothing Non-Marketing Shoes
Sunscreen (Not the spray type) Food, Beverages, & Bottle Water
Camera Relax!  Have Fun & Catch Fish!



Captain Kevin spends quite a bit of time preparing for each and every charter. You can have confidence that you’ll be fishing with first-class equipment that is perfectly Rigged & Ready. You’re going to be targeting fish that will look for any opportunity to gain the upper hand, and Captain Kevin does his best to give you every advantage. 


Beer and wine are welcome in moderation. No hard alcohol will be permitted on the boat. Please do not arrive for your charter intoxicated–your charter will be cancelled and full payment will be due immediately. The safety of yourself and others is our top priority, so please be smart and limit your intake of alcoholic beverages while on your charter–remember sun and exercise increases the effects of alcohol in your system. 


Charters can only be re-scheduled in case of unfavorable weather conditions at the Captain’s discretion. It is our discretion to go or not to go. The winds are bad to us when it is a small craft advisory. This means that the winds are over 25 knots and gusty, probably not the nicest day on the water. Rain is not considered unfavorable weather unless it is associated with thunderstorms and lighting. However, if the rain is so much that the captain thinks that you will not be able to enjoy your trip, then at his discretion he will cancel the charter. Rule of thumb, we generally do not go out on bad days. 

Should the determination be made that bad weather will be a factor for your fishing charter the Captain will call you about rescheduling. If we are forced to cancel your charter due to weather and are unable to reschedule, your deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days. 


Mechanical failures are very rare for Captain Kevin but if your charter has to be cancelled due to unforeseen mechanical situations Captain Kevin will make every attempt to reschedule your charter at the next most convenient time, or, find another guide available for your originally scheduled time/date. If we are forced to cancel your charter due to mechanical failure and are unable to reschedule your deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days.