5-8-13 Holden Beach Shark Fishing with Captain Kevin Sneed

Today was a special day for a young man named Luke who is 10 years old and his mother Lynda. Before we started the day Luke said he really wanted to catch a Shark. So that's what we went fishing for. Took a little while to find some decent bait but over the years  I've learned if you're not confident in your bait, find some fresh if you can. It wasn't 15 minutes before we were hooked up with our first Shark and he was a stud. Estimated weight around  125 lbs. Not to bad to be fishing on the beach in  20 ft. of water. After bringing the Shark aboard to take pics. we sucessfully released her to swim off and to fight again another day.  Luke told me after the end of the trip this was the best day of his entire life. 5-8-13 5-8-13a