1-14-13 Red Drum Missing In Action (M.I.A)

1-14-13   Man what a day. This was one of those days I would have given my right arm to have my client Micheal Roth and his mother  from Ocean Isle catch some fish.. The tide just wasnt going to  be good until later that evening and I knew conditions were not in my favor. We fished for 4 hours with out one single sniff from a fish. We pulled up in a spot that we had fished earlier that day and everything looked good. Tide was down and saw a little bit of bait swimming near bank.. I set the anchor, baited the hooks and within seconds we were hooked up and the fight was on. We ended up catching 3 redfish and a decent 17 in. flounder all in a 15 minute period and ended the day with a smile on everyone's face.. It's those kind of days that really make me appreciate what I do for a living and that not just fishing but making memories for people that will last a lifetime. 1-18-13january 14 2013