1-13-2013 Flounder Fishing Offshore

1-13-2013     This past Sunday I took some family out for a fun-filled day on the water. The winds were light and slight and the ocean looked like a lake. We decided to push-off  to a ledge 28 miles out in 80+ ft. of water. Over the years when bottom fishing for Black Sea Bass we would catch a flounder every now and then on squid. So today since the Black Sea Bass fishery is closed I wanted to try and do some jigging on the down side of the ledge away from all the sea bass.. It started off slow but after about 20 minutes of running away from the sea bass we finally picked up a nice 18in. flounder. We were drifting over the ledge and would pick up a sea bass on every drop but once we were down current and not marking any structure or bottom fish on the fish finder is when we knew we were in flounder territory. We managed to pick up 5 keeper flounder, the biggest 4+lbs. january 13 2013