1-1-14 Happy New Years

Happy New Years everybody, may the good Lord bless us all. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming season. It was great last year seeing so many repeat customers coming back time after time. It's amazing how many people I've come to know over the years and how they have inspired me to continue to do the best I can on every trip!!! Seeing a kid smiling after he or she catches a trophy fish is what it's all about. We as adults need to keep the next generation of kids Hunting and Fishing. It gives them something to look forward to and keeps them out of trouble!!!! Below is a few pics of fish from a few trips over the past few weeks. BLACK SEA BASS SEASON WILL REMAIN OPEN THIS YEAR and we don't have run far to fill the coolers up. So if you get a chance come on down and let's go fishing!! Capt.Kevin Sneed