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4-28-13 Backwater Fishing Update

Ran several backwater trips over the past few days and the fishing has been very consistent. I can't say the fishing has been on fire but we are catching anywhere in-between 7 to 10 Red and Blackdrum with a Flounder or a few Speckled Trout mixed in on our 1/2 day Backwater Fishing Charters. Looks like the wind is going to continue to blow like crazy for this upcoming weekend and will have to cancel all my offshore trips. If you want to have good time on the water and catch some inshore fish I should have a few openings left this week. Here is a few pics from this past week end. Capt. Kevin Sneed 4-29=13a4-29-13 4-29-13b

4-23-13 Backwater Fishing With Capt. Kevin Sneed of Rigged and Ready Charters

Mr. Neil and his Father in law Rudy joined me today for a Half Day Backwater trip and the fish were biting almost as fast as we could get the lines out. The first two hours was non stop action and then slowed down as the tide was changing. To my surprise Rudy asked me "do you catch catfish in these waters", I replied not often and almost instantly he set the hook and low and behold there was a 3lb Blue Cat on the end of the line. I thought that was kinda cool.. They did an awesome job today and look forward to seeing them again in the future.. 4-23-13b 4-23-13a

4-20-13 Opening Day For Grouper Season Begins May 1st

Ok Bouys and Gulls it's now time to start thinking about booking your Full Day Offshore trip for May. Grouper season opens up May 1st and ive been getting good reports from commercial fisherman that the Scamp Grouper are thick and they are hungery.  We will target grouper first thing then we will concentrate on catching King Mackerel, Mahi-Mahi, and Wahoo.  For more details call Capt. Kevin Sneed 910-448-3474 and lets plan your next fishing adventure today. IMG_1781-2

4-17-13 Commercial King Mackerel Fishing aboard the Rigged and Ready

Today was an exciting day for me. The weather was perfect and unfortunately I did not have a charter so I decided to try my hand at commercial king mackerel fishing today. For me its a way I can make a little extra money and stay up to date on with whats going on offshore. The King Mackerel have showed up and it should only get better from here on out. Another quick note.  The water temperature on the beach was 68 degrees and I also saw schools of glass minnows. That's a good combination for a Spanish Mackerel bite coming real soon. The Blacktip  and Spinner Sharks Show up like clock work when the Spanish arrive.  If you have any Questions on how to book a trip or need any info contact me @ 910-448-3474. Capt. Kevin Sneed 4-17-13

4-14-13 Gulf Stream Fishing Charter with Captain Kevin Sneed of Rigged and Ready Charters

4-14-13   Tough day today.  The weather was perfect this morning. We ran 30mph the whole way some 60+miles offshore to the Gulf Stream. The water temp. was perfect and we were marking bait but the Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna just Didn't want to co-operate. We did manage to hook two really nice wahoo in the first 30 minutes of fishing and were only able to boat one. A very decent 55+lb Wahoo to get the day started. After all that had happend right out the gate I figured we were in for multiple hook ups through the day.. Man was I wrong. The winds picked up out of the east and the fishing shut down.  We did manage to boat one Blackfin Tuna around 1 pm and that was it.. I will have to say that has been one of my slowest days of fishing in the Stream in over 5 years. But hey every dog has his day and I cant wait to get back out there. The most important part of this trip is that Martin and his dad had a great day and he can now say that he has caught the biggest fish of his life, a 55+lb WAHOO.. 4-14-13 4-14-13a

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