4-1-14 Gulf Stream Fishing Aboard The Rigged and Ready!!!!!!!

Today we had an incredible adventure. We left the dock at 5am sharp and pointed the bow offshore in search of Wahoo some 78 miles from the dock!!!  Our crew consisted of some very good fishermen and when it comes to fishing for Wahoo and Tuna it takes ( TEAM WORK). Our biggest fish came off the long line and absolutely blistered the line off the reel. One of the best runs I've heard in a awhile. Long story short it took 4 grown men taking turns to battle this one Wahoo. This fish had plans and he wasn't about to give up! The amazing part of this fish tale is he was only a mid 50 lb fish. All in all it was a great day  and we were blessed with good weather and nice fish. Check out the pictures below imageimageimage