June 2013 Holden Beach Fishing Report

6-23-13 Backwater Fishing is Absolutly on FIRE!!!!

Today was one of those days were the fishing started out slow but then like a light switch the fish turned on and they bit very good for us. Cherry and Will are some of my favorite repeat customers and here are a few pics of there catches.  Looks like tomorrows weather is going to be nasty again offshore so I will be in the Backwater tomorrow. Check back often to see our recent catches and thanks for visiting www.riggedandreadycharters.com Captain Kevin 6-23-13 6-23-13a 6-23-13b 6-23-13c

6-22-13 Backwater Fishing with Captain Kevin Sneed

The weather has continued to keep boats tied up to the dock. The offshore forecast has been terrible but that isn't the case in the Backwater. Were catching limits of Flounder, Red Drum, and Speckled Trout. Some days are better than others but we catch fish and have a good time. Check out the pics and the smiles from past trips and thank you for considering www.riggedandreadycharters.com Captain Kevin Sneed 6-21-13 6-22-13 6-22-13a

6-20-13 From Pinfish To Billfish Rigged and Ready Charters Has You Covered

Due to the weather I have been mostly Backwater fishing and it has been on fire. Several Redfish, and Blackdrum can be exspected along with Trout and Flounder mixed in. Looks like I will be offshore on Saturday so check back to see what we have been catching. Here's a few pics from the past few trips. 6-18-13 6-18-13a 6-20-13 6-20-13a 6-20-13b 6-20-13c 6-20-13d 6-20-13e  

6-13-13 Backwater Fishing Is On Fire.

Backwater fishing is absolutly on fire. If your ready to catch fish and have a good time Come on down and get you some... 6-13-13 6-13-13a

6-12-13 Half Day Shark Fishing

The Blacktip Sharks have been biting good.. Check out Dustin with his biggest shark yesterday!!!! 6-12-13

6-11-13 Backwater to Bluewater. Rigged and Ready Charters Has You Covered.

Backwater to Bluewater. Rigged and Ready Charters Has You Covered. Here are some recent photos from the past few days. Sunday June 9 thru Tuesday June 11 we have absolutely crushed the fish. Back at it again tomorrow. Check back often for recent photos and reports. Thank you for considering Rigged and Ready Charters. 910-448-3474 www.riggedandreadycharters.com Captain Kevin Sneed 6-9-13 6-11-13 6-11-13a 6-11-13b 6-11-13c

6-4-13 Monster Cobia Fishing

Today I had the opportunity to run a 1/2 day nearshore trip and a 3/4 day offshore trip. On the first trip this morning my crew wanted to go and catch some good ol black Sea Bass. About an hour into the trip I heard a guy yell, look at the big ol shark. Well it was a monster Cobia cruising right behind the boat. The fish decided to eat a live pogy and we landed the fish after about a 30 minute fight.  On the second trip we ran offshore to some live bottom that always produces quality fish for me this time of year. We ended up catching 3 monster Cobia, 6 Amber jacks and a ton of bottom fish. 6-4-13 6-4-13a 6-4-13b  

6-1-13 Full Day Offshore Charter

  Today I had some good friends join me for a Full Day Offshore Fishing Charter. We absolutely slayed the fish. We ended up catching Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, Black Sea Bass, African Pompano, Grunts, Trigger Fish, and Amber Jacks. We caught and released     over 30 jacks and the average fish weighed over 30 lbs.  Check out the pictures below and thank you for visiting www.riggedandreadycharters.com Captain Kevin Sneed 6-1-13e 6-1-13d 6-1-13c 6-1-13b 6-1-13a 6-1-13

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